Self-Confidence/Self Discovery/Compassion

It's all about perspective.

Through my experience counseling, I have found we often feel stuck in our lives  when we have overwhelming emotions clouding our perspective. I've often likened this experience to feeling trapped in a box and desperately wanting out, yet not knowing how. Sometimes the answer feels so obvious to an outsider who can view the situation from a different perspective without all of the overwhelming emotions you're experiencing. 


So why not just talk to a friend or family member?  Friends and family members can be great to talk to about our problems. However, sometimes it is embarrassing or feels shameful to confide in someone close. They also might have an agenda or vested interest in your decisions which aren't best for YOU. When you enter counseling with me, you are officially in a confidential, judge-free zone where you can feel safe enough to open up because the goal is 100% about YOU feeling better about YOU.  


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